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EGICAT, is a leading company with qualified and experienced mechanical installation and service staff.
We are specialized in all levels of mechanical systems for commercial, industrial and high end residential applications.
The wide range of products and services we carry includes;LCD Display wall systems , Fire Fighting Systems, Gases Networks, Steam Networks,
Split & Multi Systems, Packaged Units, Roof Top units, VRF Systems, AHU, Air/Water Cooled scroll and screw Chillers,
Centrifugal chillers, Chiller and Boiler maintenance tools, Central Heating Designer Radiators, Under Floor Electric/water heating,
Designer Bath Taps and Hygienic systems, and other mechanical and construction related products.

We have grown to be one of the largest and most innovative contractors in the country and in we are
in progression First Degree Class “A” certified specialized Mechanical Contractor from Egyptian Federation of Contractors.
However, we do not feel that our size is the most important aspect of our business.
Of most importance is our philosophy that EGICAT exists to provide service and comfort for our customer.
In recognition that much of the practical knowledge of components and systems was
held by equipment suppliers and trades staff, it was clear that a team culture
was needed to allow information to flow freely for the common good.



the engineers at EGICAT install all types of Mechanical equipment and systems. Our engineers
can help design the system that is best fit for your Building.
Then our certified installation technicians will install the equipment at your convenience and with our expertise.