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10 to 15 years’ experience MEP contracting field.

BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Fluent in English Language

Duty 1: Tactical Management Responsibility 
  • Prepare KPIs cascaded from the Strategic goals to Engineers’ Manager
  • Orient Engineers’ manager to KPIs
  • Follow up on the KPIs actual achievement with the Engineers’ Manager
  • Report on the KPIs achievement to the Technical Director
 Duty 2: Proposal building and Follow up
  • Attend the proposal building meeting to plan the resources allocation for the coming projects 
  • Understand the scope of the projects in regard (Before awarding) and orient the engineers’ manger
  • Orient the proposal building committee regarding the current resources’ capacity 
  • Coordinate - as per the needs stated by the engineers’ manager - with the HR for pipeline management in case of projects’ awarding
Duty 3: Project Initiation, execution and closure
  • Manage the assignment of all projects, coordinating between all projects as a program and orienting the engineers’ manager ensuring the full orientation and understanding of the Engineers’ manager to all projects’ scope and specs 
  •  Follow up the engineers’ assignment phase covering all the projects 
  • Facilitate any coordination between the projects’ team and other departments (for example, Warehouses)
  • Follow up the quality audits results regarding the installation phase
  • Manage the document cycle between installation, start up and maintenance 
  • Control all projects through performance dashboards 
  • Conduct operational audits regarding the closure of the pr

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